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Separating the signal from the noise on Illinois

Recently, some advocates have circulated a report from Illinois on electric deregulation – a report that should be viewed with great skepticism. The report erroneously concluded that Illinois’ experiment with electric deregulation has been a great success. The claimed savings are grossly exaggerated and based on faulty projections. Fact after fact demonstrates that electric deregulation is a failure, especially when …

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Deregulation of Texas’ electricity markets a mistake

Supporters of electric deregulation frequently point to Texas as an example of how electric deregulation could work in Michigan. However, things aren’t going so well in the Lone Star State, with rolling blackouts threatening the reliable electricity Texans depend on. Read this recent article from the Texas Monthly on deregulation, and ask yourself: is this what we want in Michigan?  …

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Electric deregulation: a failed experiment

Did you know that over the last 14 years, no state has deregulated electricity? That’s right. Since 2000, there has been a strong national trend away from deregulation. States like Virginia, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada and California have all turned away from deregulation since 2000, because it jeopardizes reliability and affordability for customers. Montana recently reregulated its electric market …

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