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Get the facts on how electric deregulation would hurt Michigan families and businesses.

Electric deregulation: a failed experiment

Did you know that over the last 14 years, no state has deregulated electricity?

That’s right. Since 2000, there has been a strong national trend away from deregulation. States like Virginia, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada and California have all turned away from deregulation since 2000, because it jeopardizes reliability and affordability for customers.

Montana recently reregulated its electric market after a failed experiment with deregulation. Its governor, Brian Schweitzer, called deregulation “an unmitigated disaster,” and one Montana newspaper recently called deregulation “one of the worst public policy decisions ever made.”

Arkansas – under the leadership of conservative Governor Mike Huckabee – halted its experiment with deregulation after the disastrous California energy crisis of 2000. And in Arizona, regulators decided last year not to pursue deregulation in the state after objections from respected organizations like the AARP.

It’s clear that deregulation is a failed experiment – an experiment we can’t afford to roll the dice with here in Michigan. That’s why it’s so important to contact your legislators to oppose House Bill 5184, which would fully deregulate Michigan’s electric market.

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Michigan’s energy future is at stake. With your support, we can ensure Michigan families and businesses have reliable, affordable electricity for years to come.

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