Michigan Energy Deregulation Facts

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Get the facts on how electric deregulation would hurt Michigan families and businesses.

Electric deregulation costing New Jersey families and businesses

Story after story from states with deregulated electricity markets make the same point: deregulation costs families and businesses.

Here’s a recent example from New Jersey: “Frigid winter sends electric prices soaring for NJ customers who switched power suppliers” (from the Newark Star Ledger, 2/23/2014)

Drew Bradford, a “66-year-old Bedminster man who lives on a fixed income, said his January and February bills from New Jersey Gas & Electric [a deregulated electric supplier] were 235 percent and 500 percent more than what JCP&L [one of the state’s regulated electric utilities] would have charged. That translated to about $100 and $250 more than what he would have paid. “

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