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Get the facts on how electric deregulation would hurt Michigan families and businesses.

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Deregulation costs Texas consumers over $22 billion

As we’ve written about before, Texas is a frequent poster child for electric deregulation. A recent report published by the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power shows Texans living in deregulated areas are paying much more for electricity than Texans living in regulated areas.

Since 2002 (the year the Texas Senate deregulated the state’s electric market) consumers have overpaid for electricity by over $22 billion. That breaks down to about $4,500 on average per customer.

The Austin American-Statesman recently editorialized against the state’s electric deregulation model, writing:

The clear winners during the 11 years covered by the report are the 15 percent of customers in regulated electricity markets, such as Austin Energy that serves the city as well as 50,000 consumers outside city limits. [...]

“There is no way a deregulated market can beat a regulated market in the long-term,” Austin Energy General Manager Larry Weis said.

It’s clear that deregulation isn’t working for families and businesses in Texas. That’s why it’s so important to oppose electric deregulation in Michigan. We urge you to contact your legislators to oppose HB 5184, which would fully deregulate the state’s electric system. Click here to contact your legislators today!

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